About Your Library Card

You must always have your library card in order to checkout materials.  Your library card is also good at any WVLN library throughout 33 counties in West Virginia!
  • When applying for a library card, you must present a photo ID and a proof of address (if you have a current and up-to-date driver's license, that counts for both) You should have the name, address and telephone number of a person who does not live at your address when applying for a card, for an emergency contact.
  • Library card applications should be filled out in the library in order to receive a card, unless the Library is present at a designated outreach event.
  • Patrons may only have one library card for all of the WVLN libraries. The first library card is free, replacement cards will cost $3.00.
  • Children under the age of 13 are required to have a parent or guardian bring the child requesting a card to the library and be present for the card to be created.  Children ages 13-18 must have a parent or guardian sign their library card application, but do not have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to create their card.  All parents/guardians signing for minors must be library patrons in good standing, provided they have a library card.
  • A library card cannot be issued to an agency, organization or department without an individual representing the agency, organization or department signing the card application and being responsible for the account.

Loan Periods

All materials check out for 28 days with the following exceptions:
  • New books - 14 days (have a yellow 14 day sticker on the spine)
  • Audiobooks - 14 days
  • DVDs - 7 days (borrowers must be 18 years of age) - limit 5 DVDs per person having a card for longer than one year (3 for new patrons less than a year old).
  • WV Contractor's books and Study Guides - 7 days (indicated on book spine) WV Contractor's books, Nursing study guides, ASVAB, and GED books require a deposit that is refunded when the books are returned.
You will be given a receipt at the time of checkout showing when items are due, and may also call or check your account online to see when items are due.


  • Any item may be renewed two times if another patron has not placed a reserve on the item.
  • Items may be renewed at the circulation desk, online or by phone.


  • Books - $.10 per day (maximum of $5.00 per book). Fines are not charged on paperback books unless indicated by a stamp on the first page of the book.
  • DVDs and Audiobooks - $1.00 per day (maximum of $10.00 per video)

Every Wednesday is a Fine Free Day. Any materials that are billed or overdue that are returned within the library or in the library's book drop overnight will not have fines assessed. This will not count towards fines that were already on the patron's library card.

Patrons with charges totaling $5.00 or more will not be able to check out until after the charges have been reduced below $5.00.

Lost or Damaged Materials

Patrons are responsible and accountable for costs, fees, and fines for all library materials checked out on their library card.  Children may receive a library card when they turn four (4) years old. Parents/Legal guardians are responsible for library materials checked out by their children.
  • If library materials are lost, stolen, or damaged severely enough to require withdrawal from the collection, the patron on whose card the material was checked out, or the patron assuming responsibility for the child on whose card said material was checked out will be charged the list price of the material at the time of library purchase as noted in the item(s) record(s).
  • Recognizing that the library is a publicly funded institution, this price covers the cost of the material and any other expenses required to return the material to circulation.
  • In the case of a default price appearing in the item record, the library staff will investigate the current list price and charge the patron the lower of the two prices. There will be no refund on lost material if said material is found after payment has been made. Any exception to this policy will be at the discretion of the Library Director.